About Dina Shoukry

Why settle for just A table when you can have a piece of art?

I truly believe that every thing you choose to own is a part of your true essence, not only that but to go even deeper everything in our life resonates with our own energy called "Qi" in Chinese (pronounced Chi) so whatever we choose to have or be around should be meticulously chosen via nothing else but our wisest of all the heart.

With a study in Marketing and Advertising, i have decided to broaden my field by learning in Malaysia on the hands of one of the best Feng Shui Chinese Masters Master Lee, and become a Feng Shui Practitioner my self. I took it even further, by studying Numerology to incorporate all these ancient studies since the Babylons, Pharaohs and the Greeks in my designs and not only have a nice looking artistic table but also an energetically balanced table that balances the "Qi" energy of the place and becomes Auspicious for its owner.

My Vision is to create Exotic art pieces that allows me and you to enjoy the beauty of creativity and joy in life! everything in life is to be cherished and looked upon as unique, we were created each and every one of us unique, isn't it just for each and everyone of us to own something unique as well?
All the tables are designed and handcrafted personally using the highest quality and creative materials available. Among the creative materials used are glass, crystals, precious and semi-precious stones, copper, textiles, real leather,..etc. that makes the collection exclusive and individual. All the tables are made of natural solid wood or pure copper.
Every table is crafted to order & every piece is cut by hand. No mass producing! All the tables are one of a kind art piece that transfers your place into a stylish, positively energized and luxurious place to ravel and feel comfortable about. You will have something that is real work of art and unique as you are!!